Year-end giving is vital to your local church. But you don’t need me to tell you this. As a church leader, you know this reality all too well. Whether efforts are focused on meeting annual budgetary needs, launching a new initiative, or expanding ministry outreach, your church relies on its end-of-year offering.

The truth is year-end giving not only matters to your church’s financial health but it also matters to the spiritual and financial well-being of your congregation. This is why it warrants a great deal of time and attention. But, let’s be honest. With a thousand things piled on your plate – like executing the fall ministry calendar, hosting church activities, and getting ready for Christmas services, how much are you and your church staff prayerfully preparing for year-end giving?

If you want to end this year strong and see radical generosity within your church, then you need to spend time preparing for it.

Preparing your communication plan for year-end giving is key.

Preparing your communication plan for year-end giving is key.

At SecureGive, we don’t just emphasize having the right digital giving tools to empower generosity. We heavily emphasize communication too because consistent communication leads to consistent giving.

Leave enough time to prepare year-end giving efforts before you execute them. We cannot stress enough how important this is. Many local churches miss massive opportunities to empower generosity and see overall participation grow during this season. Why? Because they don’t have an intentional plan for consistent communication that can pierce through the noise of the season.

By preparing at least 8 weeks in advance, you can more effectively help your congregation embrace true generosity by doing these 3 things:

1. Disciple Churchgoers

Many people experience baggage or bondage when it comes to the topic of money. We don’t know every person’s specific money story. However, we do know that most in our congregations need to be nurtured towards generosity. Spend time teaching God’s Word on this subject and remind people that giving is an important part of following Jesus.

Spend time teaching God’s Word and remind people that giving is an important part of following Jesus.

In doing this, you’re preparing people’s hearts to give. Let God till the soil of their souls through the power of His word. Let Him reset people’s priorities, help them experience greater joy through giving, and get to the root issues that prevent them from releasing resources.

Are you allowing space for God to transform people’s hearts towards giving generously? By taking the time to prayerfully prepare your giving messages and regularly spend time sharing them, you will increase discipleship and go after the most important thing- people’s hearts toward money.

2. Increase Transparency about Financial Needs

Spend time with your church staff, key leaders, or outside contractors understanding what is financially needed to meet the annual budget or how much it will take to launch projects. Once you know, incorporate this information into your monthly communications.

One of the fruits of preparing these things earlier is increased transparency. If the budget is tight, explain. If projects cannot launch until more money comes in, explain. This will in turn grow trust with the congregation.

Are you leaving enough time to understand your church’s financial needs and present those needs? By taking the time to prayerfully execute this, you will provide your congregation more time to appropriately process the information. This in turn helps them make a prayerful decision about giving.

3. Yield Greater Participation

Get everyone excited about the year-end offering. Frequently communicate why people give, where people can give, and the impact of giving. When people understand the impact they can have, it gives them an opportunity to rally around. But, you can’t overlook the biblical “why” and the practical “where”.

There is nothing like a giving opportunity. It unites people around a common purpose and strengthens a community, so emphasize it.

There is nothing like a giving opportunity. It unites people around a common purpose and strengthens a community, so emphasize it. You will see total participation grow if you take the time to intentionally communicate.


Are you preparing ways to increase giving participation through greater communication? The more time you take to prepare your message and a plan to communicate it, the more you will communicate effectively and frequently on generosity. And by doing so, you will reach more people over time, which will in turn grow participation.

Even with these guidelines it can still be tough to know where to start when it comes to planning end-of-year giving. On top of that, you may not even have the time. After all, the holiday season is busy enough as it is. In an effort to help churches like yours maximize the end-of-year giving opportunity and end 2021 strong, we’ve put together a FREE resource bundle. Download your copy of the Year-End Giving Bundle here.

In this free resource you’ll find why it’s important to plan early, messages to communicate to your congregation to increase generosity, places to communicate, email samples, and an 8 week pre-planned generosity calendar. It will give you everything you need to execute starting now for a successful year-end offering.

Year-end giving is a crucial initiative for local churches. Start planning now to have the opportunity for a fruitful close to the year for your church and your congregation.