Engaging Online Givers this Summer

Engaging Online Givers This Summer

The summer slowdown is approaching. We know that as attendance decreases, the total number of gifts made during a church service drops too. If that weren’t enough, as families plan summer activities, paying for vacations and camps take priority over giving. This is not God’s design for God’s people. You need to engage online givers this summer!


Lauren France

Stewardship Director, SecureGive

This resource will cover...

Benefits of Emailing Online Givers

Communicating with givers shouldn’t be another item on your ministry to-do list. Learn 4 beneficial things that happen when you email your church’s largest giving population.

5 Elements to Craft Your Emails

Designed to help you craft language, these five elements will help you build and write meaningful emails!

3 Sample Emails for June, July, & August

Receive three templates that have already been crafted for you. Simply fill in the blanks and you’re ready to send emails to online givers!