Why Your Church Should Have Giving Kiosks!

by: Casey Graham(Pulled from Casey Graham’s blog – www.caseygraham.org)1. The same reason I will not eat at a restaurant unless they take check cards or credit cards! GET RELEVANT!2. People don’t carry a lot of cash anymore3. MOST places will not accept a personal check in the real world! People carrying check books are limited4. It catches first time donors and low budget givers that would usually give nothing. (Tipping Machine)5. You eliminate any barriers of why people don’t give6. Its a very small investment for the return. ($2,500 for a countertop unit) and ($5,000 for nice standing unit)PS… If I could buy something for $2,500 bucks that put $10,000 in my bank account in twelve months I would buy 1000 of them today! It’s called ROI – Return on Investment7. Where our treasure is, our heart follows. The more people use the kiosk, the more of their heart they are giving to God.Contact me through our contact form here if you want to talk about getting a kiosk for your church.What are your thoughts on kiosks in the church?
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