When should you receive the offering?

One of the most important parts of worship is the moment when we have an opportunity to give back. All of us have been blessed and it is only natural for blessed people to want to express their appreciation for God’s grace in their lives. One way that we express our sincere thankfulness is through returning the tithe and giving offerings.
Most churches have a routine that they follow when they receive collections in the church. In fact, most churches either collect the offerings after congregational singing or at the end of the service. For regular givers, it really does not matter when the offering is collected. The faithful stewards in the congregation going to give whenever, but have you ever wondered about the regular attender or the guest? At what moment do you think the occasional attender or guest would be more likely to give?I would say that most people who are considering donating money to the Lord’s work would be more open to do so at the end of the service. People donate to causes that they believe in and people that they trust in. A guest may not be as open to giving earlier in the service, but after their hearts have been touched by the message and their emotions have been stirred by the music, there is a greater chance that they would want to respond in a tangible way. There’s a greater chance that they would be willing to donate to the cause of Christ.So, consider moving the offering to the end of the service and see if it helps increase your stewardship efforts. If you would rather not change the order of your service, then I have another solution. Consider adding a SecureGive giving kiosk in the lobby of your facility. This unit allows your members to respond to God’s promptings by providing them with the ability to donate with their bank card while they are at church. People who are touched by the ministry of the local church want to support that church. Make it easy for them to give. Add a SecureGive giving kiosk today.

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