When do you need a SecureGive donation kiosk?

Over the last several months, I have been asked the question, “When do you need a giving kiosk?” I think that a church or non-profit organization needs one when they discover that they have members or supporters that do not carry cash or checkbooks and those individuals want to donate. Giving kiosks provide a much-needed service in today’s culture. Let’s face it. People don’t carry cash … especially folks under 50 years old. How are these individuals going to donate to your organization?

An organization needs a kiosk when they want to save money on bank fees. We all know that there are fees associated with electronic transactions. These fees typically range from 2.35% upwards to 6%. A giving kiosk helps reduce some of those fees. Here’s how. When electronic donations are given through the Internet, banks refer to these gifts as “card not present” transactions. The processing institutions are at a greater financial risk when a bank card is not present, so they charge higher rates in these cases.

A giving kiosk placed in the lobby of your organization allows your members to donate with their bank card in their hand, so it’s called a “card present” transaction. These transactions have lower risk associated with them and thus have lower rates. Also, when a contributor uses his or her debit card and keys in their PIN, the rates are even lower.

So, you need a giving kiosk when you want to increase your revenue and you want lower bank rates.

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