The Rewards Far Out Weigh the Cost

Are you still on the fence about implementing SecureGive in your church or organization? Here is a note that we received from one of our existing clients that we thought would be good to share. Read below to see how much SecureGive helped out Lifepoint Church in Wilmington, NC.
“I have been part of Lifepoint Church since our launch date in February 2006.  I am Pastor Jeff’s father and have actively been involved as a volunteer, but recently retired after 43 years in banking, and am now handling all of the financial matters for the church.  I have been very impressed with Securegive and the results we are seeing.  Over the past several years using online giving, we have seen our online giving go from zero to about 60% of our total giving. We have also seen our giving increase significantly.  This past week we had our largest one week total, excluding special offerings, and close to 70% of the giving was online or through our Kiosk’s.  The online giving also helps me manage cash flow as now I see income everyday rather than just on Sundays.  I know that there is a cost associated with online giving, and many churches do not feel they can afford the cost, but from what I see, the rewards far out weigh the cost.”
This is our purpose. Making giving convenient. When this happens, people give more. In turn, it helps your church grow and prosper as well as provide the tools to reach the needs of it’s members and the community. 
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