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The trend these days is to do life online – order food, medicine, pay bills, groceries, products, get directions, watch TV shows and movies – you can do just about anything over the internet! Why not raise money for your next project for your organization via the internet?

Introducing the Campaign Module at SecureGive….

This module was designed to help your church raise funds in a purposeful manner towards a capital campaign, building fund, or other event. This module provides you with an entire site built for you to communicate your goals, needs, and progress to members and guests. The user-friendly website template allows you to add your own graphics and information whenever you want, as well as staying in constant communication with your membership base. Here is a closer look at some of the features:

-Customized Tabs with Drop-down menus on which you can include building plans, information, or resources.
-Blog: Users can view past posts, as well as subscribe so that they will receive any future posts via email.
-Call for Involvement: Communicate all the ways your members can get involved in the primary pledge, as well as add subsidiary campaigns.
-Ability to make a pledge or donation straight from the site, as well as to track progress in real-time.
-Upload videos, downloads, or even include a live webcam.
Check out what some of our churches have done with their campaign site:
For more information on this helpful tool, click here!

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