Show us your Kiosk!

Lately, I’ve been fielding questions about how to present a kiosk. We have churches that put these machines in lobbies, atriums, near welcome booths, hallways, or even in the sanctuary. And through our years of experience, we have found that there isn’t one explanation to what works best. We have pin-pointed some important factors though:
1. Put the kiosk in a visible location that receives traffic.
2. Use signage when necessary to clarify what the kiosks are for.
3. Provide enough space the ensure privacy for the giver.
4. Find a location that allows for easy internet connection.
5. Don’t be afraid to move the kiosk around to find how the congregation best responds!
6. Feel free to customize the appearance of your unit through the use of table or other surroundings. We want to unit to flow with your churches style.
Church: Stevens Creek Church
Location: Augusta, GA
Unit: 2 counter top units
Location of Units: In the atrium near a side entrance to the sanctuary. Everyone passes by the kiosks to enter or exit but we’ve found that it is never too congested.
Extras: Bistro style tables from Ikea & Customized “Giving Kiosks” sign

So, what do you do with your kiosk? Send us a picture along with details of where the kiosk is and tell us how you decided how to place the kiosks at your church. We’d love to spotlight you here on this blog!
Send all submissions to: info [at] securegive [dot] com

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