SecureGive will cut your transaction fees in half!

Many churches are using online giving now, and that is a GREAT first step!! As you know, I believe online giving is an absolute NECESSITY for any church looking to maximize their donation potential. That said, what a lot of people do not realize is how much money your church will save in bank fees when members elect to give at the kiosk vs. through online giving.

Let me explain…
If I give $1,000 online, my donation will cost the church around $23.75 to process that donation.
.25 swipe fee + 2.35% = $23.75
If that same $1,000 donation is made through the kiosk using a debit card, it will cost the church around $7.95 to process that donation!
.45 swipe fee + .75% = $7.95
That is a difference of almost $16!! While that may not sound like a lot, that adds up quickly! When Stevens Creek Church added kiosks in 2005, we cut our transaction fees in half. This alone can save your church 1,000’s of dollars each year.

It's time to increase giving while saving money.

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