Se Habla Español? Si!

Securegive is proud to announce that we now offer a Spanish version of our kiosk software! Here are some simple steps to follow if you want to have Spanish on your SecureGive kiosk:
Kiosk Customers:
1. Log-in to your Client Admin website
2. Go to the Settings page and choose a language for your kiosk.
3. You can also see there is a language selector that you can turn on that will allow people to switch from English to Spanish by pushing a button on the screen.
4. Click save on this page and restart your kiosk to see the new features!
iPad Kiosk Customers:
1. Open the Settings app, 
2. Under the General tab, go to International and change the Language from English to Spanish. This will convert the entire iPad to Spanish and then when you launch the SecureGive app, it will also be in Spanish!
If you have any questions about our new Spanish kiosk, please let us know! Have a blessed week!