Pay it Forward!

This is off-topic from the norm, but I recently watched the movie “Pay it Forward” featuring Kevin Spacey. It was one of the most ‘moving’ films that I have seen in quite a while. For those that haven’t seen the movie, Trevor (the young boy) dreams up a theory that can change the world. Basically, one person does three random acts of kindness for three different people. Then those three people perform three other acts of kindness to three new people, which forms a web like so…

My response was probably like many others who have seen the film. “What if everybody lived like that?” How great of a world would that be! Let’s do our part to make that happen. Think of the hundreds of people we encounter on a daily/weekly basis. Imagine if we could take on that attitude in our workplace, to the clients we serve, and even to the random people we get to interact with each day. So, I say Let’s give it a shot! “Pay it forward”!

Be blessed today,
Stuart Baker

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