Other Ways to Utilize SecureGive

SecureGive continues to add features to our Kiosk, Mobile, and Online Giving programs to further connect your organization to its faithful members and donors.  SecureGive is now a multi-functional application that makes giving and getting involved within your ministry exciting and easy!  Here are some of the ways that you can utilize SecureGive:
I. Group Sign-ups
Through the help of Elevation Church, SecureGive developed our Connection Module back in 2010 to provide people with a convenient way to get involved with your ministry.  This module allows a person to scan through different groups (Small groups, Classes, Athletics, etc.) to find an area that they can be a part of.

II.  Volunteer sign-ups
The Connections module is also been a great tool to attract volunteers to serve within your ministry.  The church or organization can list out specific projects or events where volunteers are needed, and a person can scan the different volunteer opportunities to find an area to serve.
III.  Event Registration / Payment

SecureGive also allows a person to register and pay for different events.  This is a convenient way for a person to sign up for various events and pay immediately using their debit / credit card.
IV.  Join an Email List
One of our newest features is our ‘Request to Join an Email list’.  This can be creatively used to capture personal information, so that you can stay fully engaged with your members.  We integrated with companies such as ‘The City’ (www.onthecity.org) to allow people a quick and easy way to join the church’s database.  Organizations can also use this feature to join a newsletter, mailing list, and many other ideas where obtaining a person’s name and email could be beneficial.
V.  Tuition Payment
For churches or organizations that collect tuition payments, SecureGive provides an easy interface where a person can log in and make a tuition / membership payment.  This is a great way to add convenience and organize your reports for specific payment items.

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