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Hope everyone had a happy Easter this past weekend! It has been an exciting time around here. SecureGive partnered with more churches in March 2010 than any other previous month in our 5 year history. More and more churches are realizing that very few people carry checkbooks nowadays. SecureGive has a heart to serve these churches. We invented the giving kiosk so that churches can provide their members with an opportunity to donate. Though churches have seen increases in giving after implementing SecureGive kiosks, it’s not about the church asking for more money. The church is filled with generous people, and SecureGive’s mission is simply to make it convenient for those people to donate to something they believe.

We have had the honor and privilege to serve some of the greatest churches in the country, and help maximize their donation potential. I believe this is the perfect time of year to take the next step with your electronic giving. During this season, you will see more people attend your church than any other time during the year. Many of these people will want to give to your ministry, but will be unable because they don’t carry cash or a checkbook. You need a donation kiosk.

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