New Integration with Church Community Builder!

SecureGive is pleased to announce our new API with Church Community Builder!  As of today, you can now set up your SecureGive reports to automatically upload each day to CCB!  Also, when a member uses the kiosk and/or online giving, the system will now search the SecureGive database for the member information and if the member is not in the SecureGive database, it will search CCB for the member data and import this information into SecureGive.  The member will no longer have to type in all of their personal information!
To get started, you will need to follow the instructions to activate the API with CCB and then SecureGive.  Once this is complete, you will need to match the fund categories within SecureGive using the API and then make sure that each member has an assigned CCB member ID.  This can also be done using the API by clicking on the member name in the transaction report, and use the drop down to search CCB for the correct member ID.  You can then Connect the member and update the file.  Once this is complete, the donation will automatically upload into CCB each evening and the CCB Transfer column will change from Pending to Uploaded in the far right corner of the report. 
The upload will begin as of today, March 12, but if you need us to go back and pull the previous week or month, please send us a start date and we will adjust your account!  Please call our office if you have any questions. 706-228-3210

Are you an organization that uses CCB and are interested in getting started with an Online, Mobile, and/or Kiosk digital giving solution? Give us a call at 706-228-3210 and get started with SecureGive today!

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