it’s important to be secure.

The other day, I hired a company to come out and clean my air ducts. After a few hours of much needed cleaning, the kind workers wrapped up shop and reminded me that my balance was due. So, I scrambled through my belongings and realized I didn’t have my check book with me. [I mean really, who carries a checkbook anymore?] I apologetically told him I was stumped with no checkbook to which he replied, no worries, we take credit cards! Ah, thank goodness. I hand him my card. He then proceeds to scribble every detail from my card onto his invoice. I cringed as I realize this information could easily be transfered to the first dishonest person to come across the invoice. So, I asked the man if he had considered getting a card swipe to process all credit card payments. Want to know what he said? His response was- no, the card swipe is even less secure than this! Again, I cringed. I didn’t understand how someone would find this to be correct. Truth is, requiring gifts or payments to be processed with the card present [with a card swipe] is extremely secure. And more secure than writing out the information.
Little instances like this one helped to put into perspective what we do here at SecureGive. It goes beyond providing convenience to help increase giving. Its about giving the members a system they can trust will be secure- regardless of the amount of the transaction.

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