How to make a QR Code Online/Mobile Giving


One way to get the word out about your Online/Mobile giving sites is with QR codes! They are those funny little black/white squares you see on a lot of print ads these days. If you scan them with your mobile phone camera, it’ll redirect you to the website associated with the QR code. Here is what a normal one looks like:
QR codes are actually pretty easy to make! My favorite website for making them is . Just put in your Online/Mobile URL that you want the QR code to go to and choose your file format and colors! A typical QR code is white background with black foreground like you see above. Whatever colors you choose, they just need to have high contrast so it’s an easy QR code to read!
To do the custom one like the one shown above requires some graphic skill/knowledge. Just change the file format to SVG and check Transparent so that you can open the file in Illustrator and it’ll only have the black layer, not the white background. Then an easy trick to do is Effect>Stylize>RoundCorners while selected on the black QR code. This will let you put a SLIGHT curve on all the edges and then you and your design can go from there! Just be aware, the more tweaking you do on the QR code, the less likely it is to be read by all types of QR scanners. So design wisely!

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