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  • Is breakeven ministry getting old?
  • Are you sick of saying no to the God-given dream because of a lack of finances?
  • Are you tired of cutting the outreach budget because it’s too expensive?
  • Are you stressed because you can’t hire the next staff position you desperately need?
  • Are you frustrated that you can start that facility project because there’s no margin in the budget?

Broke or break-even ministry is built on a belief system that has spread like the plague among church leaders. You keep telling yourself that when the economy picks up, when you get ahead, or when that big gift comes in, you’ll launch that ministry.So the food pantry stays in the ideas folder on your computer.The outreach campaign remains a picture on your phone.The idea stays on the whiteboard.You are losing out on launching your dream.But the good news is that you can take intentional, practical steps to eliminate the funding barriers.What would happen in your church if you DID hire the right person to fill that ministry position? How would your community respond if you really DID open that food pantry or renovate the children’s area. What would happen if you quit breaking even and broke through to the next level.At this online event, you will learn principles that we’ve seen work in hundreds of churches. You will walk away with a framework to move people’s giving from one level to the next. You will learn easy-to-implement ideas and strategies that call people to action.This is NOT about getting more money. It’s about doing more ministry.This is NOT about launching a high-pressure capital campaign. It’s about increasing operational revenue.This is NOT about breaking even or balancing the budget. It’s about breaking through.You might be thinking:

  • “You just don’t know my people.” The bottom line is that while your church has a unique mission and culture, people are generally the same. People ARE different, but we all share some of the same hopes, dreams and fears.
  • “We’re not in a wealthy area.” Pastors in urban churches say that people in the city don’t have any money. Pastors in rural areas talk about how hard it is to get people to give. Suburban pastors complain about how overextended their people are.
  • “Our church is different.” While it may be true that your church has a focused mission, God has called you to love him and reach people. That bottom-line mission is for churches of all shapes, sizes and styles. Stop using your unique calling as an excuse for low funding.

These 180 minutes could change the culture and direction of your church, and free you up to do more ministry.

It's time to increase giving while saving money.

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