Duplicate Recurring Transactions

We sometimes get calls from people who are panicked because they have two different recurring donations being deducted from their bank accounts when they thought they had deactivated all but the desired transaction. Following these easy steps will keep you from seeing (and going into) the red:
·Try logging into your church’s giving site using all of the phone numbers you might have registered using. Sometimes people have duplicate profiles in the software and forget about the recurring transactions they’ve established prior.
·When logging into these accounts, press “Recurring” from the navigation bar at the top…not the radio button on the page beside “Donation”.
·You will see your recurring donation(s) listed on the screen. To deactivate, simply uncheck the box in the “Active” column.
·If you wish to delete, press the edit button (pencil) to the far right and then press delete. You can also edit here if you wish.
·If you have trouble logging in you can always press “forgot password” or call you church administrator for assistance.
·If you’ve had more than one transaction processed from your bank account, please let us know by calling the number below. We can have it reversed for you.
You can always contact us with any questions: 706-228-3210

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