Donation Kiosk or Online Giving: Which is better?

Have you ever wondered which is better … a donation kiosk or online giving? Both are equally important. They, in their own right, serve two different needs. A donation kiosk allows a person to give on the spot. Let’s say you are at church and you feel prompted to give … now you can with a donation kiosk.

The donation kiosk allows people who want to donate while they are “in the moment”. They are at church and they are thinking about their church’s mission and they want to participate. People are busy and sometimes they may forget to use the online donation page when they get home. A donation kiosk will help them do what they want to do, and that is, financially support their local church.

So, does that mean that a donation kiosk would replace website donation applications? No, no, no. Website donations are a very important part of a churches stewardship ministry. This option provides people who are methodical in their finances the tool to donate while they are working on their personal finances. A website donation option also provides the contributor with the option of donating if he or she is not in service that week. With the web, a person can donate to their church while out of town on a business trip or vacation.
A website donation module provides convenience and promotes consistent giving. Speaking of consistent giving, you may want to consider adding a recurring donations feature. This option allows member to set up a regular time that their donation can be automatically given.
If a church or non-profit organization wants to increase their donations, then both tools are very important … On-site donation kiosks and online donations.
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