The Connection Kiosk

We received a lot of buzz and questions regarding the “Connection Kiosk” software (featured in last week’s blog) that Elevation Church has implemented, so we thought it would be a great opportunity to unpack how that system works.
Through the help of Elevation, SecureGive developed our “Connection Kiosk” software in the fall of 2010. This software package allows your members to Give, Connect to a life group, or Volunteer. We invented the giving kiosk 6 years ago, but saw this as an opportunity to enhance our software to offer more than just giving, but maintain its simplicity of use. We realize churches are looking at a 10-15 minute window before and after service for members to give at the kiosk, and we want to make the most out of that time-frame.
With the connection kiosk, they can still elect to give or connect to a life group in under 30 seconds. Another great benefit of the “Connection Kiosk” software is that it opens the door for the marketing and promotion of the SecureGive kiosks. It provides more reasons for your members to check out the kiosks in the atrium or lobby of your facility. This, in turn, makes it more convenient to give. And when giving is convenient, people give more.
I attached a couple screenshots of the connection kiosk software to give you an idea of how this piece integrates with our original SecureGive software.

Basically, we have created a new first page in the software application showcasing three options for your member: Give, eGroups (Life Groups), or eTeams (Volunteer). If a member selects “Give”, then it takes them into our normal application like so…

Let’s back up and say a person wanted to connect into a Life Group, they would touch the eGroup button below.
From here, it would take that person to this page where they can enter in their info to get connected.

Once they fill out their info, it goes to a confirmation page where the church staff can elect to follow up with that person the next week.

Again, it is a really simple addition, but has been very efficient to this point. If you would like to talk further about this, you can give us a call at 706-228-3210 or email me at

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