Beauty in Generosity

As an employee of SecureGive as well as a preachers daughter, I understand how ministries must function in many ways as a business. But yet- we can’t let the business side take over our focus. This can be a difficult task as the check books must remain balanced, regardless.
Sunday at Stevens Creek [my home church], I experienced a level of generosity that seems rare in todays culture. The Creek decided to give back to the community this season by supplying precious, underprivileged K5 and 1st grade students in the area with all the school supplies they need to start off the school year right! What a challenge for the congregation. To sacrifice a little time and some money to give a child this gift.

Well, Stevens Creek asked for 400. 400 people to bless another. Originally, I was pumped. Signed up, got my back to school list, and thoughtfully considered the beautiful girl that would hopefully run to the bookbag I picked out and tear through all the girly supplies I purchased with her in mind. And of course, add a cute sticker or two to the folders and pencil pouch.
Needless to say, Sunday rolled around and I had yet to purchase one school supply for my child. You know how life manages to get in the way, justifying my lack of drive to accomplish the task. Standing in the atrium, when I saw family after family with bookbags walk in proudly, my view on this endeavor shifted a bit. The small children were carrying them, grown men, and even college age students. One after the other took the time to gingerly add the bag to the pile, ready for delivery. I was overcome with emotions as I grasped the impact that this congregation was about to have on 400 families in the Augusta area; families who had never set foot in Stevens Creek. These members of the church were Christ’s hand extended.

I am sure each of you have experienced stories similar to this one. But it is always great to take a step back and reflect on the life change that is going on around you. I believe with my whole heart that that is the mission of SecureGive. To enable generous hearts to give to something they believe in and desire to be a part of. And today, walking into work, I walked in with purpose and a renewed drive that this is my ministry.

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