4 Questions About Digital Giving

A few weeks ago, Casey Graham (www.givingrocket.com) interviewed me regarding digital giving and I thought I would share a few reasons on why your church NEEDS digital giving!1. In recent studies we have seen that digital giving is growing. From your perspective, do you believe this is true? Explain.Absolutely! A lot of that is just due to practicality, though. Just as in other businesses or retail, checks are becoming obsolete. The same is true for the church. We live in a very stop-and-go culture. SecureGive just allows your members an opportunity to do something they already want to do: Give to your ministry! Now they can do that in a way that fits how they live. We always say around here “When giving is convenient, people give more,” and I believe there is a lot of merit in that statement.2. A lot of our readers are in portable situations as a church. Is it possible to have a giving kiosk in a portable situation? How?Yes. We currrently serve several churches across the country who meet in a portable facility. In our experience, we have found the ‘all-in-one’ table-top kiosk is the best solution for portable campuses. The table-top kiosk only weighs about 20 pounds and is about the size of a desktop monitor, making it easy to set up each week. The SecureGive system is web-based though, so it is imminent that you have Internet access (Wi-fi or hard-wired).3. What makes a church successful in digital giving? What are a few key tips they can use?Russ Sorrells (Fellow Bean Creator) and I spoke on several occasions analyzing churches who are most successful with their digital giving. These are a few things those churches shared in common:1. Clear objectives 2. Effective branding 3. Communication 4. Create awareness 5. Donor follow-up4. What are the biggest mistakes you see churches making with digtial giving?Fear… When your staff and ministry team are fully behind digital giving, your church will experience tremendous growth. Conversely, there have been a few churches that are fearful as to how their congregation will react. In turn, they don’t experience the full blessings and benefits that the SecureGive technology can yield. For many people, it’s a bigger shock that your church does NOT accept bankcard donations.
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