27 Million

What are you thinking this number represents?
No, I’m not referring to a dollar amount by any means…I’m talking about human lives.
If you didn’t know, 27 million people are still in slavery today.
You thought slavery ended years ago? No way.

*Here are a few facts about slavery today…
-People’s lives are bought and sold for about $90 or less
-About 17,500 people are trafficked into the United States each year. The average age of those people? 14 years old.
-The slave “industry” rakes in 32 billions dollars each year. That’s more revenue than Google.
-Atlanta is one of the biggest hubs of slavery in the United States. They rank among the top 14 cities in the highest incidence of children used in prostitution.

Want to do something about this? Tell everyone you know! Today is Shine a Light on Slavery day. Draw a red “X” on your hand April 9th to raise awareness.

Speak for those who can’t.

For more information visit enditmovement.com (@enditmovement)

*All facts came from enditmovement.com

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