How can you create a giving page on your church website that actually encourages and increases giving?

Almost every church has a giving web page. Yet, there are still a lot of misconceptions when it comes to the giving page on your church’s website.

Maybe you’ve thought, “if people want to give they’ll find the page.” Or, “giving is easy, everyone knows how to do it.” Or maybe even, “they come to church, they know why they should give!”

Misconceptions like these and so many others prevent church after church from taking an extra hour to two to create a giving page that can actually empower their people. A page that can lead to more people giving.

So, how do you do that? There are 5 crucial elements that will make your giving page more effective. When you incorporate all 5 into your website, you’ll provide greater clarity for your congregation and eliminate confusion. And this is the starting point for giving that grows.

1. The Where: A “Give” Button

First things first, your giving page should be easy to find. Donors should never have to hunt on your website for where to give. If they do, odds are they’re going to get frustrated and abandon the concept of online giving.

This is why you should always include a “give” or “donate” button on your top navigation or website menu. This button will allow users to see quickly and clearly where to give without having to fumble around on your site.

2. The What: A Clear Call to Action

Once someone is on your Giving page, they should be able to see a call to action within seconds. This means they can immediately find a button that launches your online giving. Yes, some will want a little more information before they give (and the next few items in this list will address that). But, those that came to your website with the intent to give should be able to do that quickly and easily. By having a button to give located prominently at the top of your giving page, you’re removing barriers and friction that might prevent someone from completing their gift.

3. The How: Instructions

On your Giving page, clearly list every way someone can give to your church. If you have online giving, provide a link they can click to take them directly to SecureGive to complete their transaction. If you have a mobile app, include a button they can tap to download it. If you have a kiosk, provide information on where they can find it in your lobby so they can complete a transaction on Sunday morning. If you have text to give, include your number and any needed keywords.

To go above and beyond, provide simple written instructions or an instructional video for people to follow to set up their giving account. No matter how easy your online giving is to use (and if you use SecureGive it’s incredibly easy), there will still be some that are afraid to act without a little extra help. A few written steps or a quick instructional video can go a long way in helping them feel confident in the system.

4. The Why: Share Why We Give

Give compelling reasons that someone should give. First, show ministry that is happening through your church. Allow donors to see how their giving is making a difference in their community and in the lives of those around them. Share how their giving creates opportunities for people to come to church and hear the Good News, talk about how many meals you were able to provide through a local food bank, and highlight how your church gives back to the community by helping local families in need. If your church has an annual report that illustrates how money is used to fuel ministry, share that too.

Next, touch on the biblical why behind giving. Share principles from scripture about why we give. As believers we are all called to be generous and give to the local church. A true culture of generosity will only exist in your church if it is founded in biblical principles and teaching rather than clever gimmicks and campaigns.

5. Invitation to help

Sometimes people have questions about how to give or where the money is going. Make it easy to get those answers. Simply include contact information for your church office or finance team so a simple question never prevents an individual from investing in the ministry of your church.

In conclusion, if giving isn’t easy, people won’t do it. By incorporating these 5 things into your church’s giving page you can make it more clear how to give and encourage them with compelling reasons why they should give. And, to help get you started, we’ve built an example page to illustrate these principles for you. You can find it here:

If your giving page could use a refresh and you’re not sure where to start, our team is always here to help. Just give us a call.