Customer Hub – Your Information Center!

During the set up of your account with SecureGive, we have developed a “hub” of information for you to make the process that much easier. In the SecureGive Customer Hub, you will have access to… >How-to training videos for your client admin page  >Marketing tools  >FAQs  >Step by step instructions on how to merge your […]

Spur Your Church to Action!

The trend these days is to do life online – order food, medicine, pay bills, groceries, products, get directions, watch TV shows and movies – you can do just about anything over the internet! Why not raise money for your next project for your organization via the internet? Introducing the Campaign Module at SecureGive…. This […]

Mobility Made Easy

Whether you like it or not, the mobile revolution is sweeping the world like crazy! From iPhones, to iPads, to Blackberry Tablets, to Android devices, etc… It is no secret that more and more organizations have and must make themselves accesibile in a mobile environment. This means NPOs & Churches alike. Not only does your […]

A simple way to increase giving

Something to consider… your online donations are growing – That is great!  You want those to continue to grow, and I think you will see even more growth. One of our biggest breakthroughs with the kiosk is the savings in bank fees.  The kiosk uses a RETAIL merchant account compared to an E-COMMERCE merchant account […]

Spruce up your Online Giving

One of the biggest factors in choosing an online giving provider is finding a solution that maintains your organization’s branding. Ideally, you want to find an online giving provider who provides the secure application, but holds on to the look and feel of your website. Here are 3 examples of how other churches have customized […]

Giving, Alternatively Electronic solutions help churches offer choices

Wanted to share this article from Carolyn Heinze of Worship Facilities for the Nov/Dec 2010 edition. Enjoy! Giving, Alternatively Electronic solutions help churches offer choicesby Carolyn Heinze Added December 08, 2010As published in Worship Facilities, Nov/Dec 2010Money is always a delicate subject, but one that must be breached: without it, it’s difficult for churches to […]

Every church NEEDS online giving!

As you already know, there are few people that carry cash or checks on a regular basis in today’s culture. That is why online giving is such a VITAL first step to take in reaching your maximum stewardship potential. With online giving, there are minimal costs involved in establishing an account. In MOST cases, it […]

SecureGive / Soles4Souls Update

We are 12 days into our ‘Give 100 Shoes‘ Campaign for Christmas. We wanted to keep everyone posted as to how things were going. So far, we are set to give away 900 pairs of shoes to those in need. We are excited as we believe this number will continue to increase over the next […]