Extreme Makeover : Kiosk Edition

SecureGive is always doing our best to hear our customers needs and to continue to offer the best complete digital solution on the market. We are proud to announce that we are now releasing a completely new software build for our kiosk customers as well as other changes for our Online & Mobile customers! One […]

Mobility Made Easy

Whether you like it or not, the mobile revolution is sweeping the world like crazy! From iPhones, to iPads, to Blackberry Tablets, to Android devices, etc… It is no secret that more and more organizations have and must make themselves accesibile in a mobile environment. This means NPOs & Churches alike. Not only does your […]

4 Questions About Digital Giving

A few weeks ago, Casey Graham (www.givingrocket.com) interviewed me regarding digital giving and I thought I would share a few reasons on why your church NEEDS digital giving!1. In recent studies we have seen that digital giving is growing. From your perspective, do you believe this is true? Explain.Absolutely! A lot of that is just […]

Why Your Church Should Have Giving Kiosks!

by: Casey Graham(Pulled from Casey Graham’s blog – www.caseygraham.org)1. The same reason I will not eat at a restaurant unless they take check cards or credit cards! GET RELEVANT!2. People don’t carry a lot of cash anymore3. MOST places will not accept a personal check in the real world! People carrying check books are limited4. […]