What Motivates Next-Gen Givers?

A recent report by the Dorothy A. Johnson Center for Philanthropy at Grand Valley State University and 21/64, an organization that studies giving amongst various generations, found there were a couple important attributes to understanding the giving practices of the younger generations of Americans. According to an article on the study at Forbes’ website (via […]

Limiting Generosity

SecureGive wants to make giving easy. Recently, I spent the weekend in Atlanta and visited a new church. It’s a great church , and I make a point to visit every time I’m in the area. We had an offering talk that day in which one of the pastors talked about the two fish & […]

Extreme Makeover : Kiosk Edition

SecureGive is always doing our best to hear our customers needs and to continue to offer the best complete digital solution on the market. We are proud to announce that we are now releasing a completely new software build for our kiosk customers as well as other changes for our Online & Mobile customers! One […]

Mobility Made Easy

Whether you like it or not, the mobile revolution is sweeping the world like crazy! From iPhones, to iPads, to Blackberry Tablets, to Android devices, etc… It is no secret that more and more organizations have and must make themselves accesibile in a mobile environment. This means NPOs & Churches alike. Not only does your […]

Free Online Conference on Church Finances

Is breakeven ministry getting old? Are you sick of saying no to the God-given dream because of a lack of finances? Are you tired of cutting the outreach budget because it’s too expensive? Are you stressed because you can’t hire the next staff position you desperately need? Are you frustrated that you can start that […]

Come see us at #NLC2011

  Tomorrow, SecureGive will be making our second annual trip to good ole’ Anderson, SC to sponsor the Newspring Leadership Conference (#NLC2011 on twitter)! This is one of our favorite conferences to attend, and this year holds no exception. Follow us along on Twitter (twitter.com/securegive) and Facebook (facebook.com/securegive), and don’t forget to add the hash-tag […]

4 Questions About Digital Giving

A few weeks ago, Casey Graham (www.givingrocket.com) interviewed me regarding digital giving and I thought I would share a few reasons on why your church NEEDS digital giving!1. In recent studies we have seen that digital giving is growing. From your perspective, do you believe this is true? Explain.Absolutely! A lot of that is just […]