Too many churches are left on their own to figure out a growth strategy. With SecureGive, you’ll get a ministry partner to ensure:

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Fast and smooth implementation

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Guided learning of the SecureGive tools

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Your giving will grow, guaranteed

The Proven SecureGive Success Strategy

Over the years we’ve learned that the right strategy makes all the difference in building giving engagement. Our team of experts will walk side-by-side with your church to help you leverage your digital giving system as effectively as possible.

Guided Training and Setup

You’ll never be left on your own to figure it out or waste hours trying to guess where to start. The SecureGive success team will walk with you through:

The SecureGive Success Team ensures your church is up and running quickly and effortlessly.

Guided Training And Setup

Implementation and Launch Strategy

Implementation And Launch Strategy

First impressions are everything. Our team will help you determine a launch plan that perfectly fits and engages your church. Your church’s custom implementation strategy will include:

This means your church will quickly adopt your new digital giving platform, and you’ll rest a whole lot easier tonight.

Ongoing Growth and Success Strategy

As your church evolves and needs change, the SecureGive team is always ready to navigate the new season with you. From day one, the SecureGive Success Team will:

We don’t just help you get started on the right foot, we help you stay on the right foot.

Ongoing Growth