Changes Coming for Church Apps

You may have heard that Apple recently released a few changes to their App Store regulations. We wanted to let you know, firsthand, that as a SecureGive customer, your church will not be affected by these changes.

The main update affecting church apps is Rule 4.2.6 which states that, “Apps created from a commercialized template or app generation service will be rejected.” A commercialized template app is created when a software company develops an app, applies a customer’s branding, then deploys it as a separate app to the App Store. SecureGive has always operated through our consolidated app which is compliant with Apple’s new terms.

If you use a mobile giving solution other than SecureGive, you will need to contact your digital giving provider to find out when your church app will be migrated to a consolidated giving app.

It’s our priority at SecureGive to make sure that you always have the most secure, efficient, and reliable digital giving solutions. When you utilize multiple giving platforms, you ensure that your donors will always have the option to give.

We provide digital giving solutions for online, mobile, kiosk, and text to make sure that each of your donors can give through whichever platform is most comfortable to them. For example, Grace Church in South Carolina sees 26% of their donations come through mobile giving and 74% through online, text, and kiosk.

When all of your giving is through one provider, your donors only have to remember one login and can save a payment method that applies to all platforms. You can access all transaction reports and customize all four platforms from the same dashboard. Keeping your digital giving options through one provider simplifies the process for your donor and your staff!

If you have any questions about our giving platforms or the new Apple policies, feel free to contact a SecureGive Stewardship Specialist (


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