Text to Give

Fast. Simple. Seamless. Text Donations in under 10 seconds.


The Fastest Way To Give

Give a gift through two simple text messages. After saving your account, simply text your donation amount and confirm. Our merchant processing approach allows funds to be deposited directly into your ministry's bank account. Let's grow your giving together.

Custom Keywords

Don’t limit your text givers to just one donation category. Custom keywords allow your donors to text to give using a specific keyword and amount and have the funds go directly to their desired category.

Single Login

Text-to-give is simple, quick, and integrates perfectly into all SecureGive products. Whether Kiosk, Online, Mobile, or Text to Give, use one login to quickly donate.

Pick a number

Organizations using text donation can choose between a 10 digit number assigned specifically to them or choose to use SecureGive’s short code (SGIVE)



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Text To Give Features

Advanced Security

The security of your givers financial data is our top priority. SecureGive is PCI compliant and uses advanced encryption protocols to ensure the highest level of protection for your organization.

Custom Keywords

Choose your own keywords to enable giving to any category in seconds.

Email Receipts

Even though the gift is made through text message, every giver still receives an email receipt.

Give Under 10 Seconds

Give in a matter of seconds, literally. Text to Give is the fastest way to give from anywhere.

No Sign in Required

The first time you use Tex to Give, you’ll create an account or sign in to an existing account.

Accept Payments

Enable your people to quickly pay for an event, merchandise, classes, or anything else.

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