This Easter: Capture Every Opportunity for Generosity

With Easter Weekend just 4 weeks away, you’re likely spending hours planning for services that will mark the highest attendance of the year. This means that you have a unique and powerful opportunity to share the love of Christ and His sacrifice for us in new and fresh ways.
It also means that you have the unique ability to quickly connect with a high volume of people. People who attend your Easter Weekend services are likely looking for a place to become connected and call home. At SecureGive, we have created powerful tools with this in mind.
Our Giving Kiosks provide the answers to these questions:
  • How can I make it simple and easy for first time guests to give and connect to my ministry?
  • If I rely on traditional giving methods, is my staff able to handle the extra cash and checks?
  • What happens if our members and first time visitors come to our services, and feel prompted to give, but don’t have cash or a checkbook?
Our Giving Kiosks provide speed, attraction, and security when it comes to capturing donations in the moment.
Here’s how:
Giving Kiosks empower self-service giving. Users can quickly contribute to the fund of their choice with the tap of the screen on our robust iPad and PC kiosk models. The system is user friendly and guides through the entire process. Your staff will benefit from an automatically updated report that is easily integrated into most church management software systems. No more piles of cash and checks to process.
     • Attraction
Our Giving Kiosks are available in a variety of colors and finishes, and the machines provide value and attraction to any atrium or auditorium. We also recommend adopting graphic wrapping and signage to fully integrate the kiosks with your ministry’s branding. Our in-house design team makes the graphic process quick and easy.
     • Versatility 
Whether you already use our Online, Mobile, or Text To Give; our Giving Kiosks integrate perfectly into your existing SecureGive system. Donors will recognize the easy-to-use format, and will be able to quickly access their account since only one login is required to access any feature of SecureGive.
     • Security
Our Giving Kiosks meet the industry’s highest standards for encryption and protection. Card information is never stored in the kiosk. The kiosks are manufactured to a commercial standard, and can be anchored to any surface to prevent unwanted movement or theft. The iPad kiosks feature a locked enclosure to prevent removal of the iPad. We also optimize the iPad so that the SecureGive software is always in place and ready to use. (This means that unattended kiosks won’t be able to be used for unwanted gaming, picture taking, or text messaging).
As you prepare for Easter, it’s very important to give thought to the special opportunities to allow new people to give and connect to your ministry. Our team is ready to help you take your next step.
Find the Giving Kiosk that it right for your ministry here. Learn about SecureGive’s Online. Mobile and Text To Give solutions here

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