Taking on Transaction Fees

Should I pass the transaction fee down to the donor? We are often asked this question before an organization or church starts out with SecureGive. We have three simple reasons why we recommend not doing this…

  1. You want to encourage rather than discourage your donors to use this method of giving. You want this to be as convenient as possible for them to use and if you charge them you may not see the volume you would otherwise see which means your merchant fees will seem higher. The higher the volume the lower the merchant fees.
  2. Treat merchant fees as you would an expense for electricity used during a church service or paying a person to process donations made “manually” saves you time. It keeps you from using valuable time computing what the merchant fee is for each transaction and allows you to capitalize on the fact that you’re already saving money by automating the donation process by not having to pay an employee to do it.
  3. 99.9% of all churches absorb the cost of merchant fees.

Again, when you utilize SecureGive, it pays for itself and then some. See how your church or organization can benefit from SecureGive at or email us at We are excited to serve you!

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