Limiting Generosity

SecureGive wants to make giving easy. Recently, I spent the weekend in Atlanta and visited a new church. It’s a great church , and I make a point to visit every time I’m in the area. We had an offering talk that day in which one of the pastors talked about the two fish & five loaves story. I love this story. There is something so inspirational about God using a boy who simply offered what he had and multiplying that act of generosity.

I was moved. The room was moved. That was when 50 or so volunteers began passing white buckets around all over the auditorium. I wanted to give. I looked into my wallet and had nothing! Well, I had my debit card. As I watched, countless other folks reach into their wallets and put them back after coming to the same realization.

I realized there were a lot of people like me. Folks that wanted to respond, but didn’t have a way to do so. Have you ever felt like that?

This is why I believe EVERY church in America NEEDS SecureGive. It’s not about creating more money for ministry. Well, it is…but it’s not about the money part specifically. It’s about removing the barriers and enabling people to do what God is prompting them to do…give .

With our church donation kiosks, text to give, online giving and our mobile giving app, we aim to meet people where they live. This makes giving, connecting to ministry groups, and even event sign-ups possible.

Stop limiting your offering to those people who only use checks. Get started with SecureGive today!

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