Exponential 2014

We thoroughly enjoyed being a part of Exponential 2014 at First Baptist of Orlando this week!

If you building or planting a church, we strongly recommend this conference. Andy Stanley, Craig Groeschel, and  Matt Chandler were some of the featured speakers. Tons of great resources available, and incredible worship and workshops as well.

It was great to see so many people who are taking an active part in building the church there at the event.

We appreciate every one who stopped by our table to talk to us!  It’s incredible time for us, because we have the opportunity to put a ‘face’ to our company.  Much of the communication that we do with our partners is done over phone and email; and it’s so rewarding to be able to meet the people that we have worked with.

At SecureGive, we know that your time is precious, and that there are so many things that have to happen when you are in the process of planting a church. At Exponential, we saw some of the many areas that are involved with that. In the same hallway as our table were people who were helping by providing discipleship, buildings, curriculum, networking, and the list goes on.

Another thing that is does for us, is seeing the greatest needs.  When YOU, the client, tell us that you are seeing people who come to your church, and are willing to give, but have never used our giving app on their phone, or the kiosk in their lobby, it signals to us that we need to be equipping churches with the tools needed to get the message of SecureGive to the masses.

One of our goals is to see that our tools are not only noticed and utilized-but that there is BUZZ created about them.   So that the churches who partner with us have the maximum giving potential that they can!

Our desire as a company is to build giving solutions that take much of the work out of giving in today’s busy world, and return it to being a vibrant part of a healthy church.

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