“What are we going to do for Easter?”

If you or someone on your team is not already asking this question, you probably feel behind. Let’s be real, you probably feel behind either way.

Why is that?

Shouldn’t Easter be something to look forward to celebrating together? 

I mean, celebrating Jesus’ dramatic comeback is going to go down as second only to when Jesus comes back the next time. Until that glorious day, we will keep celebrating what the Son of God did… and do it better than ever!

But how will you top last year?

Remember all the promotion in your community, the invitation cards in the seats for a month before, the creative kids’ experience, the lights, the video, the songs, the message, the egg drop, the egg hunt, the egg inflatables?

What if finding the next best Easter ever idea is as simple as following the last steps of Jesus?

What if finding the next best Easter ever idea is as simple as following the last steps of Jesus?

In the final footprints of Christ, we find a few unique encounters, prophetic connections, and surprising situations. These lead us to answers that the world desperately needs. Answers that Christians need to remember and be reminded of.

Answers to questions like… 

…who is Jesus?
…why did people celebrate Him, then turn around and crucify Him?
…why did Jesus’ prayer to escape torture and execution go unanswered?
…and why did Jesus need to die on a Roman Cross in the first place?

Following the last steps of Jesus leads us to the first steps of new life

Following the last steps of Jesus leads us to the first steps of new life.

Here’s the truth:

Trying to make this Easter the best Easter ever is impossible. Because the first Easter will be the best one forever.

Still, if we follow the last steps of Jesus, maybe this Easter can be different than many of the last, help those who are new or unsure understand what Easter is all about, and remind the rest of us why we celebrate and follow the only One who walked perfectly, died sacrificially, and rose supernaturally.

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We believe following the last steps of Jesus will lead to the first steps of new life.

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