So how do you make this digital giving thing work?

Maybe you’ve had digital giving for a while, maybe you just recently adopted it again, or maybe you’re brand new to it. Regardless of your background, creating a strategy to ensure your giving platforms are successful can be confusing. But it doesn’t have to be. Here are 3 simple steps that will help grow your giving and encourage your givers to embrace your giving platforms.

1) Train Your Team

Whether you’re introducing SecureGive to your church for the first time or you’ve used our software for years, training your team on the ins-and-outs of digital giving is key. Make sure that on Sunday morning you have a handful of people (staff and volunteers) who know the basics of your giving platforms. The more information you know about how to use the software, the easier it will be to lead your donors through the giving process or answer any questions that arise.

SecureGive’s software is incredibly easy to use but questions are inevitable. The 65 year old in your church who is using online giving for the first-time might need some help setting up his account. And, the 20-something millennial might have security questions about using text to give. That’s okay. If you or your givers have questions, we are always here to help. When you call our office, you will always talk to a real person who cares about your church.

2) Communicate Consistently

Communication is crucial to the success of your digital giving. Regardless of if you’ve been using SecureGive for years or have just introduced it to your church, the most important thing you can do is to talk about your giving platforms every Sunday. This can be as simple as mentioning something like, “Whether you give during the service, online, or at the kiosk, we appreciate your generosity.” Talking about your giving options doesn’t have to be lengthy every time, what matters most is consistency.

If SecureGive is new to your church, we suggest having someone with a senior position inside your ministry announce it for at least the first few weeks. When your congregation hears someone they know and trust telling them about your giving platforms, they are more likely to trust and embrace these new options as well.

3. Make Giving Easy for Everyone

Everyone is going to have a different preferred way to give. Just like everyone has a different way they like to join a company Zoom meeting or even check their email. You’ll have donors who prefer to give through a mobile app, others who like to give online, a group who only uses text to give, some who regularly visit your kiosk in the lobby after Sunday service, and a handful who will still write a check. Having a comprehensive giving solution that offers multiple ways to give allows your donors to give in the way they feel most comfortable and secure.



Our main focus at SecureGive is helping all of the ministries we serve to grow their giving as much as possible. We have seen these three practices benefit each church that has consistently applied them. We’d love to help your church too. SecureGive enables churches to increase giving and save money with our proven solution of software, strategy, and stewardship resources. If you have any questions, or would like to develop a launch strategy specific to your church, just give us a call and we’ll be happy to help!