As a leader of your church, you know it’s your job to help close the gap between the vision for your ministry and the resources you need to get there. Simply put, it takes money to do ministry. But when was the last time you, or anyone on your staff, had formal training on raising money in church?

They don’t teach fundraising in seminaries. Most churches, and leaders, have no training in this area at all. Our experience working with thousands of churches lets us know what truly works. There are godly methods of fundraising that have been proven time and time again. This doesn’t just apply to ultra-wealthy congregations or ministries in heavily-populated areas, it applies to all churches and congregations.

There are 5 basic methods I want to share so that you can prepare to beat the summer slump, and plan for sustainable increases over time.

1. Build Relationships with Intentionality

Raising funds for your church can feel like a drag sometimes, because, well it is! Too many churches focus on the results (increased giving) and not the actions (building relationships.)

If you focus on the actions, the results will take care of themselves.

As a leader, make sure that you’re connecting with your community on a regular basis. People can sniff out ulterior motives, so make your mission about building and strengthening relationships as much as possible. Connected people give more, it’s that simple.

2. Don’t Be Boring

People give to a clear vision. They don’t give when there is confusion. A clear, simple, compelling vision that you reference repeatedly builds excitement. Excited people will give and stay connected! A bland, boring vision will return equally bland results. Don’t be boring!

3. Highlight Practical Needs

Church members don’t withhold giving financially because they’re stingy. In most cases, they simply don’t know what it takes to “keep the lights on” at your church. Sure, you probably have an annual budget meeting that you invite members to attend, but people are busy and often won’t make it. So, make sure to highlight the practical needs that your church has during services when everyone is already there. Let them know about everything from the lighting bill to city taxes, and they’ll understand why their donations are so important.

4. Make Giving a “Get-To” not a “Have-To”

Giving is a scriptural principle baked into virtually every page of the Bible. As believers of Jesus Christ, we are called to give. As a leader, your responsibility is to remind your people about this calling. Church leaders get into trouble when they make giving a “have-to” instead of a “get-to.” God gives us the chance to help fund ministry, and it should be communicated as a privilege instead of a demand.

5. Invest in Education

Just like riding a bike takes lots of practice, so does talking to your congregation about giving. If you’re like most leaders, you’ve never been formally trained on how to fundraise.


Summer brings a lull to churches everywhere with a drop in attendance, volunteers, and giving. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Use the 5 tips above to beat your summer giving slump.