Today, we’re sharing an exclusive sneak peek into one of the biggest events of the year, Give Conference.

If you haven’t heard the BIG news yet, SecureGive is hosting a conference this fall specifically designed to equip pastors with the resources, connections, and tools they need to build a generous church.

Building a generous church is hard. It may even feel impossible. Give Conference is an opportunity for you to connect with other pastors that are like you and learn from leaders who have been where you’ve been.

Two of the conference speakers are Dean Herman and Lawson Clary from 5 Point Church in Easley, South Carolina. Over the years, 5 Point has seen their church fully embrace biblical generosity, and as a result has been able to expand their ministry and outreach. Dean and Lawson are joining us to share valuable insights on how they were able to build a healthy giving culture and how you can do this in your church too.

We were lucky enough to sit down with them this week to find out why they’re excited about Give Conference and get some advice on how to promote a healthy giving culture in your church.

Can you share why you’re excited about the Give Conference?

DEAN: The Give Conference is going to be such a blessing to so many pastors. I know we both wish we had something like this when we were really starting to cultivate our culture of giving. This conference will give you the tools to do just that, create a culture of giving in your church.

What is some advice you would share with another pastor on how to build a healthy giving culture?

DEAN: To create a healthy giving culture you have to talk about giving! This is not about asking for money every Sunday. Instead it is about teaching people why you should give and what you are giving towards.

It is important to remember that talking about money is biblical. Jesus’ last time speaking in the temple was on money, and the last book in the Old Testament before the intertestamental period is primarily on money.

You need to have a moment in your service when you teach about giving each week, and you need to set the example by giving sacrificially to your church. This is not just of time, but your money as well. The church will only go as far as its leadership is willing to go.

How have you seen 5 Point church transform with a healthy giving culture?

LAWSON: Years ago, Pastor Dean understood that it was okay to talk about money. This creates a generous culture, and challenges the people of God to give towards the ministry of God.

From the beginning of our church, we made a commitment to tithe 10% of our total church income back into our community. When we first started this practice, it was essential to demonstrate our faith in the Heavenly Father to provide for 5 Point Church. To this day, tithing to our community is something we see as a calling card for creating a generous culture because through it we are able to be a generous church. The church sets the example.

We talk about tithing. We talk about the impact that our tithes make. And, we draw the connection that their tithe is literally changing God’s Kingdom. This simple concept has opened up so many doors into our community to make an impact and it allows our church to understand they are making a difference through their gifts!

What are the ministry opportunities you’re able to take advantage of now compared to before?

DEAN: 5 Point struggled for many years financially because I did not want to talk about money. I thought that would keep people from coming and getting involved. It wasn’t until I realized how much the Bible talks about giving and being generous that I was able to understand that I was doing a disservice to the church.

Once we established a giving culture, it created a new way to give back to our community. We have always been a church that tithes to our community. But now, our church is able to really give and make an impact that has created such great relationships with so many organizations that expands the ministry reach outside the walls of our church.

What are you hoping that church leaders take away from the Give Conference?

DEAN: I hope that Pastors will be able to leave Give Conference with a new comfort level of how to lead and teach their church on giving. SecureGive is providing this opportunity for pastors to go home with resources on how to make this happen. This is not an overnight change, instead it is a process that you have to commit and create a culture of generous givers.

The funding is there, you just have to teach and create a culture that makes people excited to give, because God wants us to give with a cheerful heart.

LAWSON: I hope that church leaders will understand how crucial it is to make giving important. Many pastors get frustrated with not having the funding to support the ministries that God has laid on their hearts. The funding is there, you just have to teach and create a culture that makes people excited to give, because God wants us to give with a cheerful heart. This is simply speaking truth about giving and the opportunities it affords people to draw closer in their relationship with Christ.

Join us at Give Conference to hear more from Dean and Lawson about how to build a culture of generosity in your church. To find out more information about the conference, visit our website or send an email to