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Bring Back Offering

A lot of churches have experienced a drop in giving in light of recent events. Sure, there are a number contributing factors. But, as we explored this issue we found one incredibly common problem that’s incredibly easy to fix.

Churches across the world have been more creative than ever in the recent weeks. Through live streaming, pre-recording, and using video conferencing for small groups, youth ministry, prayer meetings and more, engagement has remained stronger than most expected. However, while attendance is strong, for many giving is not.

As we were researching this, we watched a sample of 50 online worship services. In almost all of these services, there was one common thing: they didn’t have an offering moment.

Each service had preaching, prayer, and worship music, but no specific time dedicated to giving. So, what does this say about our connection between offering and worship?

Giving is a practice that the Bible calls all believers to. It’s an incredibly important act of worship not just for the well being of our church, but also for the individuals within our church. This is why it’s imperative that we create an opportunity to give within the context of corporate worship. Here are 4 easy and practical ways you can do that:

1. Create space in your worship time for a digital offering.

Give people 2-3 minutes to navigate to your digital portal to give. Play worship music in the background as they complete the donation process.

2. Model digital giving in the worship moment, literally.

Pastors, consider actually giving online during this moment. This doesn’t mean displaying the amount that you are giving, but walk through the clicks and process live if you are able to.

3. Challenge new digital givers to give something tangible.

It could be as simple as $1. That’s an easy challenge to meet and gets people comfortable with the process.
Or, start a “skip something to give something” challenge. For example:

  • Skip the drive thru dinner and give the $8 to the church instead of McDonalds.
  • Skip the morning coffee and give the $5 for your latte to missions.
  • Skip buying the t-shirt you really don’t need and give $15 to the general offering.

Invest the money you would be spending on something extra once a week into the church by “skipping and giving” and through this see the amazing work of funded ministry unfold.

4. Incorporate people who simply aren’t going to give digitally.

For those who drop off or mail in checks, collect them in a special or sacred place in your church facility. Show them on the screen. This doesn’t need to be hokey. It is like a sermon illustration – a depiction of the faithfulness of God’s people that forges a path for His work to expand.


Covid-19 has brought with it uncertainty and changes. However, in the midst of it all, we have an opportunity to bring back the offering moment to instill a connection between giving and worship. We encourage you to incorporate these four steps in your online services and in your services as you begin to meet again in person. You’ll not only see your giving grow but you’ll begin to create a culture of generosity within your church.

Lauren France
Director of Stewardship at | | + posts

In her role overseeing stewardship at SecureGive, Lauren equips local churches to effectively communicate generosity and grow giving through discipleship. She coaches ministry staff, writes content, and develops resources that help churches create a culture of generosity for sustainable and lasting financial health. Prior to SecureGive, Lauren served within a multisite church stewardship ministry engaging 10,000+ people and worked 5+ years in nonprofit development.

Joshua Rice, Ph.D.
Generosity Strategist at Ministry Renewal | + posts

Josh is a Generosity Strategist with Ministry Renewal in addition to serving as the teaching pastor at Eastside Bible Church in Atlanta, Instructor of Biblical Studies at Point University, and Dean of the School of Ministry at Richmont Graduate University.

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