5 Messages that Will Fuel Year End Giving

Planning for year-end giving can be hard. But throw in global pandemic and that makes things even harder.

Despite the unique pressures that year end giving brings to your church and you as a church leader, it is still a critical time. 30% of all charitable giving happens during this time. It’s an opportunity you don’t want to miss out on, thus requiring a strong plan be in place.

But where do you start with this plan? Communication. The first thing you need to do is determine what you will communicate to people. So, here are 5 messages you need to share throughout this season for strong and fruitful year-end giving.

Message 1: Gratitude

Everyone likes to be thanked for the gifts they give. When you unwrap a new smart watch on Christmas day from your mom, she’s happy to see your excitement but your appreciation for the gift through a simple “thank you” means so much more to her. And your church givers are the same.

They want to feel appreciated and see how their generosity is funding your ministry. Thank your givers and empower them to live generously through gratitude by:

· Reminding them that ministry is possible because of individuals like them: ordinary people who allow God to use them for extraordinary means.
· Telling givers that each individual gift matters and showing them how their gifts have made a difference in a specific way.
· Tying back to the church’s vision and mission that is only achieved through their generous gifts.
· Thanking them for their faithfulness.

Message 2: Stories of Hope

There is incredible life change happening through your church’s ministry. And your congregation wants to know about it.

People are coming to Christ, growing in their faith, and experiencing God’s presence in the midst of suffering. People are demonstrating acts of kindness, taking care of one another, and serving their community through your church’s outreach efforts.

Tell your givers about all of this. Connect their generosity to the ministry happening in your church.

Message 3: Celebrate Faithfulness

As believers, we are called to give in seasons of drought and harvest, no matter what. Our God is a faithful Giver who keeps His promises. And with this in mind, encourage your church to practice their own faithfulness through giving. Share biblical principles with your congregation. Remind people that giving is an act of trust and that we are called to give, regardless of the circumstances.

Then, celebrate the fruit of faithfulness. Share stories of individuals who gave faithfully, even during the hard times, and saw God abundantly provide in their life. These stories are great to share through video in your services, but can also simply be written out in an email or blog post.

Message 4: God Multiplies our Gifts

Remember that Bible story where God feeds 5,000 people from a little boy’s lunch?

There are two things that stand out in this story. First, the little boy was available and ready to give what he had. Second, the disciple who looked at the boy saw what they had, not what they lacked. But it wasn’t the disciples or the little boy who did the miracle. It was God who multiplied those few fish and loaves.

Just like the little boy, encourage everyone to use what they have. To take a step in faith and participate in year-end giving. Teach people that God has the power to make much of our little. He works the miracle and multiplies our gifts.

Message 5: Ways to give

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to digital giving. Some prefer to give through texting on their phone, while others prefer to give on their computer, and still others prefer to give through a mobile app.

Make sure that you are communicating all of the various ways church attendees can give both in person and digitally. You may feel like you’re over communicating or that your church already knows all the ways in which they can give, but the reality is someone is hearing it for the first time. As obvious as it may seem, you’ll always be surprised how many people don’t know the different ways they can give to your church. Taking the extra 10 seconds to give that information in your weekly surfaces can actually break down a wall that has been preventing someone from giving.



Share these 5 messages of generosity with your church this year end. Your end-of-year giving will grow when you empower, encourage, and educate your church to engage in generosity.

While this is a great starting point, we’ve got a whole blueprint for end of year giving laid out for you. Download a free copy of Guide to Year End Giving to end this year stronger than ever.


Lauren France
Director of Stewardship at |

In her role overseeing stewardship at SecureGive, Lauren equips local churches to effectively communicate generosity and grow giving through discipleship. She coaches ministry staff, writes content, and develops resources that help churches create a culture of generosity for sustainable and lasting financial health. Prior to SecureGive, Lauren served within a multisite church stewardship ministry engaging 10,000+ people and worked 5+ years in nonprofit development.

Mikia Hundley
Creative Content Manager at

Mikia has dedicated her professional career to serving churches and ministries. She works to assist organizations in improving their communication and develops resources on leadership, generosity, and stewardship.

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