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It takes about 15 seconds for existing users to donate. First-time givers can set up a profile and make a donation in about two minutes.

SecureGive accepts Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover. Plus, we also now accept cryptocurrency!

We can customize our software to accept specific credit and debit cards based on your specifications. However, we are unable to restrict transactions to debit only.

Electronic giving not only requires hardware and software, but a company to process the actual transaction. Your organization will need a merchant account, but we handle this for you. We have simplified this process so your organization can make a seamless transition to SecureGive.

Nothing! Cash and check donations are still great giving options. In fact, your cash and check donations can all be managed alongside your digital gifts within SecureGive. But if those are the only options for your donors, you’re probably missing out on significant income from other sources.

We offer plans and pricing for every budget to equip your organization with valuable tools at affordable prices. Our monthly subscription fee is paired with the lowest transaction processing rates in the industry. The means more money goes to your ministry.

SecureGive’s convenient products increase giving and save more revenue for your organization based on lower transaction fees. For example… if a person donates $1,000 to a charity through the charity’s website, the average processing fee (without SecureGive) will be close to $30, so the charity will only receive $970 of that $1,000 donation. That same transaction on a SecureGive donation kiosk with a debit card would cost the charity around $7.50 processing fee and the charity would keep $992.50.

SecureGive is committed to keeping transaction processing rates as low as possible so more money goes straight to funding more ministry. While rates vary depending on transaction type, most churches that utilize SecureGive’s giving software average less than 2% across all transactions. Over the course of a year, this translates to thousands of dollars, sometimes even tens of thousands of dollars, more going to your church when compared to other giving companies. To see exactly how much your church can save with SecureGive, contact our team for a full rate review.

Unlike with other giving companies, with SecureGive you never have to worry about being locked into a contract – or locked out of giving if you don’t renew. And while other companies will raise your costs over time, we’ll lower your rates whenever we can – to help you put more money into ministry. The contract with our merchant provider is one year with a buy out option if needed.

After the initial equipment deposit of 50%, we offer a payment plan for the remaining balance ranging from two to six months.

SecureGive’s team is here to help your giving platform be a success. Our office hours are 9 am-6 pm (EST) Monday-Friday and we offer on-call support for nights and weekends including Sundays.

Our team will provide you with the materials you need to get the word out in your church about your new giving system.

Kiosk warranties are as follows: Countertop Series Kiosks – 3 years. Freestanding Series Kiosks – 1 year (Option to extend to 3 years). iPad Series Kiosk – 1 year (You can add AppleCare for the iPad to extend it to 3 years)

Our iPad kiosk requires minimal assembly, all other kiosks come assembled. Simply plug the kiosk in and connect your organization’s Wi-Fi or Ethernet internet connection.

All transaction information will be available in real time in SecureGive for your own record keeping and the donor will immediately receive an email receipt. These receipts contain all the information necessary to meet IRS requirements for itemized tax deductions.

SecureGive does allow the option for anonymous donations. Each organization can choose if they wish to accept anonymous donations or require donor information. However, anonymous donors are not able to give via text.

Transactions can be seen in real time. The SecureGive Analytics Dashboard visualizes data to give you insights into your churches giving health at glance. Our Transaction Reporting allows your staff to pull custom reports, refund and adjust transactions, and more. SecureGive also integrates with the most commonly used church management systems.

SecureGive maintains strict compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) – with industry standard third-party certification. We use strong encryption of payment information before it leaves any user’s device, and information is never stored or available unencrypted at SecureGive. Additionally, account creation and transactions are protected with Recaptcha technology to protect against automated attacks.

The SecureGive team will have access to assist donors and administrators with their information, but cannot access passwords, full card, or bank account information. Additionally, all SecureGive employees have signed agreements ensuring that donor and church information is never shared to anyone without proper authorized access. Your security is our team’s priority.

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