Addicts will do anything, sell everything, give up their entire lives, families, possessions, to get more of what they are addicted to. What if we replaced the word addicts with the word Christians? 

“Christians will do anything, sell everything, give up their entire lives, families, possessions, to get more of Jesus.”

For isn’t this what God commanded? That we would give everything? Sell everything? Live each day of our lives unto the glory of God? This isn’t just something that we hope to attain; this is a present reality. At the Atlanta School of Ministry, our heartbeat is to advance His name and to live our lives fully submitted unto Him. We are addicted to the King—and we will do anything for Him and His Kingdom.

We call our students missionaries because there are missional everywhere they go—whether it is in downtown Atlanta or it is in Kenya, India or Australia. They go with the Spirit of God leaking out of them to everyone they encounter. Life has become not just asking God to be filled but allowing the God in them to spill out into the earth.

The Atlanta School of Ministry is a one to three-year program where young people come from all over the world to learn how to advance the Kingdom of God. In three years, they receive a bachelor’s degree through Ecclesia College, Pastoral Licensing through Georgia School of Ministry, optional Music Certificate through Visible Music College, and many more opportunities to make the King of kings famous. However, it has never been about these opportunities—it has always been about our King.

“Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.”- Matthew 6:10

Our heart is that we will be the answer to the Lord’s prayer to let Heaven invade earth. Not by praying the prayer, but by letting who we are as children of God to bring an encounter with the King to everyone we meet.

At the end of the day, we want Heaven’s ways to be our ways, and the world and its ways to become increasingly foreign.

The Atlanta School of Ministry was birthed from the Atlanta Dream Center. Missionaries who attend ASOM not only attend classes daily, they also get the honor of coming alongside the ministries of the Atlanta Dream Center. The Atlanta Dream Center, Atlanta Dream Center Church, and Atlanta School of Ministry work alongside each other with the vision and mission of advancing the gospel of the Kingdom of God not only in Atlanta but in the entire world.

It is time to no longer preach a sermon but to be a sermon. That is why for one entire seven-week period every year, the Atlanta School of Ministry shuts down and sends its students out into the world in teams to be the light of Jesus to everyone they meet. We find that as important as the classroom is, we have to be what we are learning, pouring our hearts into and receiving. We have to not only learn about Christ and our identity in Him but display Him unashamedly to the world.

This year, over 500 men women and children all over the world came to know the King of kings over that seven week time period. We had teams in Kenya, Australia, India, the Southwest United States, and the North West United States as well purposely advancing the Kingdom of God. The testimonies are countless but in everything that we can say the Lord did during that time, we are much more in love with Him than what we can see Him doing.

It is time to let Heaven Invade Earth. Let us no longer wait for when we think we are ready, let us move forward and advance His Kingdom with our entire lives. It is time to let Heaven invade earth.