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Grow Next Gen Givers

Every generation looks at money and generosity a little differently, and this generational gap is bigger now than ever. How do Millennials and Gen Z view money? Where are they currently spend it? And once you know that, how do you engage them in Biblical generosity in your church?

While the Biblical principles remain the same, there are new and unique challenges we face as we engage a new generation of givers. Discover the secrets to unlocking generosity in the next generation. Download your free copy below.

In this ebook you'll discover...

How to Disciple the Next Generation

Engaging people in giving requires discipleship. We’ll cover spiritual and practical ways to disciple Millennials and Gen Z.

Statistics That Reveal How the Next Gen Views Giving

To engage the next generation in giving you have to first understand what generosity means to them.

12 Ways to Engage the Next Gen

Learn 12 ways to not only engage the next generation in giving, but to disciple them as faithful stewards.

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