The Christmas Offering Playbook

Christmas Offering Playbook

If you’re not prioritizing a Christmas offering, your church is missing out on a big opportunity.

Many churches miss massive opportunities to empower generosity and see overall participation grow. Why? Because they don’t have an intentional plan that can pierce through the noise of the season.

A Christmas offering is a short-term effort with long-term effects. Not only are you financially impacting your ministry, but you are engaging people who will continue to give beyond the campaign. Your church can maximize its fundraising potential in the next few months and set a strong foundation for the year.

In this resource, you’ll see the core elements for your campaign, a schedule to streamline planning and communications, and sample content and templates to simplify execution.

This resource will give you...

5 core elements of an effective Christmas offering.

Learn the key elements that will make our Christmas offering successful.

A schedule for planning and communications.

Ensure consistent communications that engage your congregation.

Templates for emails, letters, social media posts, and graphics.

Simplify execution with templates for your communications.

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