Connecting With High Capacity Givers

There are two groups of givers that often make the most substantial impact in your church – high capacity givers and kingdom builders. These groups understand and embody generosity. But, because they seem to “get it”, they’re often overlooked when it comes to communication and discipleship.

However, communicating with your high capacity givers and kingdom builders can be critical to your church. Even more so than your communication with other types of givers.

Why? Because high capacity givers and kingdom builders often face unique challenges that create unique needs and opportunities for discipleship. And through discipleship and communication, you can connect each one of these givers to a specific area of your church to further guide and increase your ministry’s impact.

But before we get into the nitty gritty, let’s first talk about what exactly high capacity givers and kingdom builders are.

What are high capacity givers?

High capacity givers are people who give to the church generously, going above and beyond their call to tithe. These are going to be the people who have the greatest financial means and tend to donate the most to your church each year. Depending on your church size, this could range from a few thousand to hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars each year.

What are kingdom builders? And how are they different from high capacity builders?

Kingdom builders are similar in that they give above and beyond their call to tithe. But the difference is, kingdom builders might not have the means to give the biggest monetary gifts to your church. However, they give sacrificially and go above and beyond with what they do have. These individuals have the spiritual gift of giving but this might not mean they’re donating 100k a year. While it’s wonderful for a person to donate a large sum, it might not be from a place of sacrifice. It could be that the donor just makes that much money. Kingdom builders understand that generosity doesn’t begin and end at 10% of their income (regardless of how much their income is.) They’ve made generosity a lifestyle.

How do I segment or find the high capacity givers and kingdom builders in my church?

As a church leader, you should be looking at more than just the amount a donor gives each year. You should be taking a spiritual inventory as well. High capacity givers and kingdom builders are generally going to be the more faithful and invested donors to your church. They are going to give loyally and holistically of their time, talent, and treasures. So in addition to looking for regular and sacrificial giving, take a look at how much this person gives of their time and talent through volunteering and engagement in your church as well.

Why should you disciple high capacity givers and kingdom builders?

Just because someone has this spiritual gift of giving or has an abundance of wealth, doesn’t mean you can breeze by discipleship. More money doesn’t always mean more problems, but the truth is that for many it does. Proverbs speaks of the troubles money can cause in one’s life if not handled properly. Money by itself is “neutral”- neither good or bad because money doesn’t have a motive. It’s our sinful hearts that can turn money into something negative. Just because someone looks like they “have it all together” financially doesn’t mean they aren’t in desperate need of discipleship.

Money by itself is “neutral”- neither good or bad because money doesn’t have a motive. It’s our sinful hearts that can turn money into something negative.

Not only are there added temptations when it comes to financial wealth, but there can be mistrust as well. These givers often have the potential to be taken advantage of. They don’t know who they can trust, often leading to them feeling isolated and alone. Church leaders, don’t take a back seat here. Engage in meaningful communication to let these givers know you care about them and not their money. Don’t let a love for money drown out a love for God.

How do you disciple high capacity givers and kingdom builders?

Focus on the heart of the giver and their relationship with God in your discipleship with high capacity and kingdom builders. These individuals are already mature in their faith. They have truly embraced the concept of stewardship- giving of their time, talent, and treasures freely and fully to God instead of claiming gifts as “theirs.” So, in your discipleship, don’t focus solely on “why to give.” These givers already understand the biblical principles behind giving. Instead, focus on the Lord’s promises pertaining to giving.

For example, in 2 Cor 8:6-7 we are reminded that giving is an act of grace and we are called to excel in the grace of giving. And when we continually use what God has entrusted us with to continue building His community, we are considered good and faithful servants (Matthew 25:21.) We are also reminded that a generous person will prosper and be refreshed while giving to others (Proverbs 11:25.) Share scriptures with your high capacity givers and kingdom builders to encourage them to continue in their faithful generosity and to further mature in their faith.

What is the most effective and meaningful way to communicate with high capacity and kingdom builders?

Personal connection is key in your communication with these givers. You should be checking in quarterly, in person, and on an individual basis. These conversations or “check ins” are healthy and are good things. But the motives behind the communication must be focused on the donor and their relationship with God.

Remember the outcome of this conversation is NOT money. You should be focused on donor development- not fundraising- during the communication. Find out their passions and interests to connect the individual to the greater needs within the church in a very specific way. Get these givers involved, immersed, and advising in their areas of expertise. They’re important in building how the mission and vision are seen in the church.

But you should not feel limited to only communicating with these givers during certain points of the year. Pick up the phone and touch on high points in their life. Congratulate them on the newest bundle of joy to arrive in their family. Pray with them and over them when they fall ill. Strengthen your relationship with these individuals even more by celebrating both the highs and lows of life with them.


Your high capacity and kingdom builders need more discipleship than any other type of giver. Connect with them on an individual basis to help them further mature in their faith and make sure they’ve found a place within the church where their engagement can make a true impact.


Mikia Hundley
Creative Content Manager at

Mikia has dedicated her professional career to serving churches and ministries. She works to assist organizations in improving their communication and develops resources on leadership, generosity, and stewardship.

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