Let me start by announcing some exciting news. SecureGive has added a brand new product to our already robust fleet of digital giving platforms. SecureGive Church Apps are here and ready to make a major impact in your church!

Working in and for churches for over 6 years, I’ve been in the church software space long enough to know when something will be a value add and when something is mediocrity woven in flashy market. SecureGive Church Apps are definitely the former. I will prove it.

Truth #1: Church Apps create new opportunities.

News flash, things are different in 2021 than they were in 2019. No, like, really different. The pandemic in 2020 flipped the Church on its head and many are still recovering. With so many changes, we are all clinging to those things that we can consider consistent. I talk with churches all the time who are just trying to better understand the needs of their people to encourage them to come back now the COVID numbers are declining.

Let me pause here to encourage you. Keep going. Your work is changing eternity and the world needs you now more than ever.

With that, where are we looking for new opportunities? I mean, the Message doesn’t change. The desired outcomes don’t change. So, what areas can you lean into to provide new opportunities and encourage engagement?

SecureGive Church Apps bring forth a whole new array of opportunities that will drive forward the message of Christ while compelling people to engage with you.

SecureGive Church Apps bring forth a whole new array of opportunities that will drive forward the message of Christ while compelling people to engage with you.

Think about it. Sunday, for most all of us, is where our time and efforts are spent communicating with our congregants. What if there was a way to interact with your people Monday-Saturday? But here’s the kicker- how can you effectively engage your members during the week without a ton of effort? SecureGive Church Apps allow you to do all of this and more. You can easily and conveniently engage with congregants throughout the week. This isn’t an invitation to laziness. It’s a recognition of convenience.

And if we are truly in a new era of Church, we need to be willing to adapt.

Let me tell you a quick story…

I recently spoke with a church leader who has been trying to navigate connecting with his churchgoers. A large portion of his congregation were conditioned to watch church online via Facebook, throughout COVID. Now, his church is open, but his connection to his people is fragile. I asked him, “Would it be valuable if you had the opportunity to engage with your people away from church, in a meaningful way?” He mentioned he was doing some of that already, through Facebook, but wasn’t sure if that was actually working.

“Think about it this way, sir. What if you could launch a new experience that brought the full ministry to your people all week long? Facebook is great, but does it do everything you need it to in one place?”

SecureGive Church Apps are the solution.

You see, in order to create church experiences and opportunities that are meaningful, it has to be done by thinking through the intricacies of The Church. That brings me to truth 2…

Truth #2: Communication is the key.

I have long said that we at SecureGive offer one of the most high-end and impactful giving softwares in the world, but that can only get you so far.

SecureGive Church Apps are no different.

We will put into your hands one of the best multimedia Church Apps money can buy, but you are still responsible for evangelizing the product.

If you’re considering getting a SecureGive Church App, I would encourage you to do your research on the software itself but to also make sure you have the team and strategy in place to make it succeed. Most of your strategy will be in how you communicate your new platform.

Here are some things that make up a successful strategy and congregation-wide adoption of SecureGive Church Apps:

The Lead Pastor Must Endorse

Without the excitement and stamp of approval, publicly, by your Lead Pastor, it will be virtually impossible to get the same level of engagement otherwise.

God designed his church very specifically, this to include the call of congregational shepherds. We follow what our leaders suggest. Lean into that.

Risk Over-Communicating

You won’t. It is now a societal rule that people need to hear things six times before they pay attention to it.But it’s probably more like a dozen times before someone will take action on it.

You may not like reading this, but it is an inescapable truth. Part of effective church leadership is selling. You’re selling involvement. You’re selling a mission. You’re selling, sometimes very literally, products. You can only sell well, by effectively communicating. Rest in and embrace that reality. But, remember the end goal- greater engagement with your church that will disciple your congregation into a deeper relationship with Jesus.

Be Demonstrative

Nothing drives me crazier than someone choosing to tell me to do something over showing me how to do something.

“Download our app and watch our sermons.” Okay… but how??

Assume nothing, explain everything. This doesn’t alway have to be from the pulpit. Connect with your media team, whether staff or volunteer, and see if they could create visual demonstrations.

My point: Tell me, yes. Show me, thank you.

Lie: Everyone in your church will use this.

Listen, we at SecureGive are confident enough to tell you the truth about outcomes, especially when it comes to introducing tools to your churchgoers.

If anyone tells you that by having a Church App, everyone in your church will engage with you, THAT IS A LIE.

Will you get an increase in engagement? 100,000%. Will you be able to measure it? 100,000%.

BUT, this doesn’t mean that everyone in your church will engage this way.

Add this to your repertoire of tools. This is a supplement, not a replacement.

Understand that your engagement will also grow overtime with this product.

If you follow the above suggestions and commit to the success of your SecureGive Church App, you’re going to evolve your church engagement, forever.