How to Have the Best Easter Yet

“What are we going to do for Easter?” If you or someone on your team is not already asking this question, you probably feel behind. Let’s be real, you probably feel behind either way. Why is that? Shouldn’t Easter be something to look forward to celebrating together?  I mean, celebrating Jesus’ dramatic comeback is going […]

What is Heaven Really Like?

The phone rang. I looked at the clock and saw it was 3:25 a.m. When I answered the call, I heard the voice of a mother in our congregation whose daughter had been battling cancer. As a pastor, you never expect a good phone call in the middle of the night, so I was braced […]

Customer Hub – Your Information Center!

During the set up of your account with SecureGive, we have developed a “hub” of information for you to make the process that much easier. In the SecureGive Customer Hub, you will have access to… >How-to training videos for your client admin page  >Marketing tools  >FAQs  >Step by step instructions on how to merge your […]

No Cash, No Checks, No Problem!

Our mission is to make giving accessible for those who don’t carry cash or checks. SecureGive aims to attract new givers, bring consistency, and increase the bottom line for your organization. For any church looking to expand, or even if you are just getting started, kiosks offer convenience and benefits that help in the growth of a […]

Spur Your Church to Action!

The trend these days is to do life online – order food, medicine, pay bills, groceries, products, get directions, watch TV shows and movies – you can do just about anything over the internet! Why not raise money for your next project for your organization via the internet? Introducing the Campaign Module at SecureGive…. This […]

Too Many To Count!

We love hearing success stories from churches on how SecureGive has helped them reach their goals. Recently, we received a story from a Pastor in Texas that we wanted to share with you. We asked the question, “Have there been any specific success stories?” below is his response… “Too many to count.  One huge win […]

Se Habla Español? Si!

Securegive is proud to announce that we now offer a Spanish version of our kiosk software! Here are some simple steps to follow if you want to have Spanish on your SecureGive kiosk: Kiosk Customers: 1. Log-in to your Client Admin website 2. Go to the Settings page and choose a language for your kiosk. […]

I’m all set up! Now what?!?

My SecureGive services are setup. What are the main things that I should do before introducing this to my congregation? 1. Familiarize yourself with your client admin site and your kiosk or online giving page. 2. Let us know if you have a church management software that you would like to connect with your SecureGive and complete […]

Duplicate Recurring Transactions

We sometimes get calls from people who are panicked because they have two different recurring donations being deducted from their bank accounts when they thought they had deactivated all but the desired transaction. Following these easy steps will keep you from seeing (and going into) the red: ·Try logging into your church’s giving site using all […]

The Rewards Far Out Weigh the Cost

Are you still on the fence about implementing SecureGive in your church or organization? Here is a note that we received from one of our existing clients that we thought would be good to share. Read below to see how much SecureGive helped out Lifepoint Church in Wilmington, NC. “I have been part of Lifepoint Church since our launch date […]

Weekend Support

Oh no! It’s Sunday morning and your church is having issues with your digital giving and everything is closed for the weekend! Well, not everything! SecureGive has an outstanding  on-call support team here to help get through such weekend emergencies. You can call out main line and leave a support voicemail (706-228-3210) or simply shoot an […]