6 Things I Learned from Preaching about Giving

Okay. I get it. Talking about money is generally not an appropriate topic in day-to-day conversation. We wouldn’t dare ask a coworker how much money they make. Likewise, we’d never ask how much our neighbor spent on their recent kitchen remodel. Or even, ask a friend how much is in their investment portfolio. In America, […]

Those Crazy Macedonians

Those crazy Macedonians, am I right? We hear about them in 2 Corinthians 8. And honestly, it’s difficult not to be inspired by their generosity. Though they had little, yet they gave extravagantly. They were poverty stricken, yet they were rich in generosity. As church leaders, we all want the people in our church to […]

Your Members are Fearful About Their Financial Future. What Should You Do About It?

Without question, 2020 will be forever remembered as a terrible year. It will regularly become a baseline by which other years are measured. “At least it wasn’t like 2020,” will likely be a common refrain. But even though the calendar tells us we’ve moved on from that dreadful year, the events and their corresponding fears […]

20 Bible Verses about Stewardship

There are over 2,300 verses about stewardship and generosity in the Bible. And as a church leader, the Lord has specifically called you to teach these biblical principles to His children. While 2,300 verses give you ample opportunities to begin the conversation, it can make it a daunting task to even know where to start. […]

3 Things Required for Real Generosity

Giving doesn’t magically happen. It requires work. As believers, we must be intentional about living generously. While pastors and church leaders know this, many of their church attendees do not. People don’t recognize what real generosity requires because churches don’t always prioritize clear and consistent communication on biblical generosity. Giving conversations aren’t woven into weekly […]

5 Principles for a New Lens on Generosity

Churches shy away from talking about stewardship and generosity. These topics are often only talked about when the church is raising funds to meet a budget, going into a building project, or needs money to expand ministry efforts. It’s understandable. Most of us will agree that talking about money, especially in front of a congregation, […]

5 Ways to Avoid This Year’s Summer Giving Slump

Let’s face it. We’ve all experienced it at some point. You might even be experiencing it right now. The Dreaded Summer Giving Slump.  Granted, this year everything’s a bit different because of Covid-19. Your church doors may still be closed or you may be offering in-person services with social distancing restrictions. Whichever the case may […]