9 Ways to Build a Generous Family

So, you want biblical generosity to characterize your family. You want to be a family that lives open handed with their resources. This is a good thing. But instilling a posture of generosity in your family will not happen by accident. It takes intentionality. Here are a several suggested ways to start building a generous […]

Making the Most Of Giving Statements

January is a major month for churches and nonprofits to develop and send out giving statements. A top priority within the new year, giving statements are financial records provided to donors who gave within the previous year. But what if we told you that giving statements can be so much more than a charitable record […]

Best Practices for a Christmas Eve Offering

Right now your church is switching gears. You’ve moved from fall ministry activities and Thanksgiving outreach to one of the biggest and most anticipated seasons of celebration. Perhaps your church is known in the community for Christmas performances, caroling through neighborhoods, or candlelight services. Whatever you do, our team at SecureGive strongly encourages you to […]

3 Messages to Encourage Year-End Giving

As a church leader, you have a lot going on. Throw on the holiday planning on top of everything else and things can quickly become overwhelming. From preparing your sermon notes for Sunday to establishing year-end initiatives to hosting Christmas celebrations, it can easily seem like there aren’t enough hours in the day. With all […]

8 Ways to Get the Most out of GivingTuesday 2021

How is your church participating in GivingTuesday this year? Whether you’ve participated in the past or not, GivingTuesday is a valuable opportunity for your church and community to rally around this year. But before we get into how to make the most out of GivingTuesday, let’s talk about what GivingTuesday actually is. What is GivingTuesday? […]

6 Things I Learned from Preaching about Giving

Okay. I get it. Talking about money is generally not an appropriate topic in day-to-day conversation. We wouldn’t dare ask a coworker how much money they make. Likewise, we’d never ask how much our neighbor spent on their recent kitchen remodel. Or even, ask a friend how much is in their investment portfolio. In America, […]