9 Ways to Help Your Church’s Financial Health this Summer

Get out the sunscreen, baseball glove, and fireworks. The summer is quickly approaching. During the summer months, church life changes. Members’ church attendance is often hit or miss due to vacations. Because of the sporadic attendance, some churches decide to reduce ministry offerings during the summer. And for some church leaders, this means there is […]

11 Characteristics of Sacrificially Generous People

Do you know someone who is sacrificially generous, someone who forgoes want, or even need, for the sake of giving? How would you characterize them? If you consider those who are sacrificially generous, you may notice some common characteristics. Though they may have different backgrounds, incomes, and standards of living, they often share some similarities. […]

How to Maximize your Easter Offering

Easter Sunday. Hands down it’s your most attended Sunday of the year. Not only does this present one of the greatest opportunities your church will have throughout the year to share the Gospel with non-believers, but this also lends the potential of a generous offering. By now, your Easter service planning is in the works. […]

12 Proverbs for Managing Money

The book of Proverbs is considered one of the Wisdom Books of Hebrew Scripture. Proverbs teaches wisdom to all. From young to old, poor to rich, inexperienced to experienced, no one is excluded from the wisdom in this book. It provides instructions on how to live a happy and peaceful life, by honor and respecting […]

9 Ways to Build a Generous Family

So, you want biblical generosity to characterize your family. You want to be a family that lives open handed with their resources. This is a good thing. But instilling a posture of generosity in your family will not happen by accident. It takes intentionality. Here are a several suggested ways to start building a generous […]