25 Bible Verses about Helping Others

Our world is hurting more than ever. We can see it everywhere- on front pages, during the nightly news, across social media, and through casual conversations. The impact from the pandemic, tension in the Middle East, and everyday burdens are wearing on us all. So how do you provide a beacon of light in the […]

Why Your Church Needs a Security Team

It was a beautiful July morning. The sun was shining and the birds were singing and we had a full auditorium of worshippers. We were about mid-way through our pastor’s message when an usher noticed someone entering the auditorium carrying a backpack. She tried to engage him in conversation to see if she could find […]

The Heart Behind Small Groups

“As I was praying for you…” That was the first sentence in a letter I received this week, sweetly tucked in with a beautiful gift of flowers and watercolor print.  The rest of it chronicled her prayers over my life and what she could see God doing in this season I’m in.  It was from […]

How to Build a Thriving Guest Services Ministry

“No one neglected, everyone connected.” This is the vision of our Guest Services ministry. We believe we’ll get there through creating welcoming spaces, making intentional connections, and impacting our guests with the “WOW!” factor during their time with us. May of 2016 exploded with the launch of a brand-new Guest Services Program at our church, […]

Strength In Numbers

Summer is one of my favorite seasons because my long awaited date with the beach will soon become a reality. I love the sounds of the crashing waves, the joyful and contagious laughter of children, seeing families gathered along the beaches, and the mesmerizing sunsets. But off in the distance in the calmness of the […]

How to Manage the Margin in Your Life

Last Sunday I shared with our church my family’s guiding values. You can find them in the message notes here, along with a downloadable template to help guide you through the process of clarifying your own family values. Keeping these values as a priority can be very difficult in our chaotic culture and I often get asked how I/we as […]