Choosing Faith Over Fear

As we journey along life’s path it is imperative to understand that beyond the current events of your ministry and life, good or challenging, the fact remains that Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever. But what does that mean? Does God change his mind about you based on your temperament or attitude? Does […]

15 Bible Verses for Encouragement

How are you holding up after Easter weekend? Odds are you’re pretty tired. Whether your church just had one service or five, you had a lot to plan, a lot of places to be, and a lot of people calling on you. But as a church leader this isn’t anything new to you. You are […]

Who Encourages the Encouragers?

There are plenty of professions where it seems there is a disparity between what one does and how one lives. You may have heard the saying, “The cobbler’s children have no shoes.” This is perhaps because he is so busy making shoes for others that he doesn’t have the time or energy to make them […]

Rethink the Risk of Your Calling

I began my relationship with Jesus at 18 years old. Ironically, my first Pastor was 81 when I met him and he was unforgettable. He was an old time, traveling, tent Evangelist turned local Pastor. He still had a burning passion for reaching souls. Even at 81, when he got behind a pulpit, he delivered […]

Finding Hope In Every Situation —

In most translations of the book of Ecclesiastes, we are told in the second verse that everything is utterly meaningless. However, this could be considered somewhat of an inaccurate translation of the Hebrew word, hevel. In Hebrew, hevel more closely translates to smoke or vapor. The speaker is saying that life doeshave meaning, but that […]

How to Advance in the New Year

To advance is to move forward in a purposeful way. Advancement refers to a forward movement. To advance is to proceed, press on, push on, push forward, make progress. It is to make headway or gain ground. CERTAIN TRUTHS ABOUT ADVANCEMENT OR PROGRESS “But we all, with open face beholding as in a glass the […]

How to Respond to Disappointment

I can still feel Colorado when I think about what it was like to live there. Unfortunately, I don’t mean how I felt seeing how beautiful it was or the cold mountain air or anything awesome like that. When people ask me how it was living in Colorado, I tell them that I wouldn’t know. […]

Faith Is Our Freedom

There is freedom found in a life of faith. Although we experienced tragedy in our personal life with our son, Gavin, we still recognize that there is freedom found in Christ through a life of faith. Faith is a lifestyle that brings substance to our lives as we follow Christ. We see this freedom in […]